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North American AT-6
Boeing Super Stearman

About Our Aircraft

  • 1943 Boeing Super Stearman

Boeing Stearmans were used during World War II as primary trainers for fighter and bomber pilots of all stages of flying during and after the war years. Stearmans fitted with the R-985 450 H.P. Pratt and Whitney Wasp engines were typically used for airshow performers such as wing-walking and big slow aerobatics (noise and smoke). Stearmans were also used extensively for agricultural use as dusters and sprayers.

  • 1941 North American AT-6

The North American AT-6 was a combat trainer during World War II. Some models were also fitted with machine guns. The recon versions of the AT-6 were also fitted with larger fuel tanks for long range missions. Many AT-6s are used for airshow performances and are still in use at the Reno Air Races.
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